Monday, April 27, 2015

Announcement of International Kukai “Time to bloom pasqueflowers” by Mongolian Haiku Association

This is the first kukai that is being organized by the Mongolian Haiku Association and furthermore we will organize this kukai quarterly. The kukai is to advertize and support haiku art creations, to learn, and befriend world and Mongolian haiku poets each other.
Topic: Time to bloom pasqueflowers 
Pasqueflower is a first virgin flower of spring and Mongolian people await pasqueflowers in the spring after our long winter. Participants shall send one haiku about the spring. The word “pasqueflowers” does not have to appear, but please try to include or imply a seasonal element.

Who can participate?          
All people, who want to participate in the kukai from any countries in the world.

1.    Kukai has 2 sections; Mongolian and English
2.    Participants may send ONE haiku on the topic in English or Mongolian.
3.    Please send your haiku to the address
4.    Please do not enter any previously published haiku. Publication includes personal blog, journals, facebook or websites.
5.    All haiku are to remain anonymous till we publish the results.
6.    If you submit your haiku to the kukai, then voting is mandatory.
7.  If you fail to vote during the voting period, then your haiku will be shown without ranking points in the result
8.    Result will be published in the blog “Beyond the Limits”

Guidelines for voting:
·         Only those who have submitted an entry can vote.
·         We will send you an e-mail with the entries numbered and made anonymous.
·         You will have 10 points, no more than 3 points to any one haiku entry. All 10 points must be used. Eg:


·         Please do not vote for your own entry.
·         Please send your votes and haiku to the address
·         Please enter your name, surname, city and country under your haiku
·         Attachment will not be accepted


·         Submission period – April 28, 2015 – May 28, 2015
·         Voting period – May 30, 2015 – June 10, 2015
·         Result will be no later than June 15. 2015


Each section has awards below:

            1st place:            Certificate, monetary price
            2nd place:            Certificate, monetary price
            3rd place:            Certificate, monetary price

Certificate and money will be sent by airmail to the winners.




  1. Хэзээ үр дүн зарлах вэ? Энэ нь эцсийн хугацаа өнгөрсөн байна.

  2. Магадгүй тэд завгүй байна

  3. ямар ч мөнгө төлөх

  4. Зарим ялалт шүлэг ойлгомжтой бүү