Friday, November 8, 2013

бяцхан хүү
нүүдлийн уртад бүүвэйлэгдэнэ-
хөөг хөөг

Б. Бүрэнбилэг 

huug huug -
a little boy is cradled
during the travel

Burenbileg Batsuuri 

When camels are loaded with ger to be moved to another place, those who drive them say " huug huug" (хөөг хөөг) to encourage the camels. Also, saying huug huug helps establish a rhythm for the camels while they are traveling. Mongolia has nomadic herding, always moving from place to place to find good pasture for animals. Herders still move by camels and oxcarts now in the countryside

Children are kept in the basket for collecting dung.

Дэлхийн кигоны датабаазад бүртгэгдсэн хайку/ A haiku, registered in World Kigo Database

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